One of the most amazing projects lately was a large size floating concert.

BulDock was called for help to implement the solution for it. It had to be perfect – attendance of over 10,000 people, a car as part of the marketing vision, national TV, pop and rock stars and last but not least- scenes of the concert were part of a major scene from a long waited movie that is currently shot. One thing was clear – it had to be perfect.

BulDock’s solution was bullet proof. The scene was built on a 10m by 12m platform with a bridge linking it to the land, for which 796 cubes from high density polyethylene (HDPE) were used, which are exceptionally resistant to impacts, chemicals, UV rays and weather conditions. The maximum load capacity of the cubes was 360 kg/sqm, which meant an ability to carry weight shy of 52 tons – more than enough for the performers on stage, as well as all the sound, lighting and marketing equipment. However, to make it exceptionally safe, BulDock added a self engineered metal frame to increase stability and maximum load.

The whole structure of the floating concert stage was stabilized by 20 concrete anchors, which were installed by the professional divers of BulDock.

The event was very successful. It received very positive feedback by the live audience and the audience, which watched it on the TV screens. Nearly all national medias included the event in their main news stories or sent reporters directly for live broadcasting reports. Nissan advertised their cars by having one floating on BulDock cubes.

The idea for the concert came from Ina Dimitrova, who worked closely with Rosen Zheliazkov from BulDock to implement her vision into an engineering solution, which would create a first of a kind event. This, together with The Floating Piers in lake Iseo and The Mastaba in Hyde Park by Christo, goes to show that the expertise of BulDock to build floating structures far surpassing any safety standards, is exceptional and surpassed by none.

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