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Do you plan your special event? But do you dream to organize it by a unique and unusual way, to run away from the city and to escape the classic options? If so, we have an offer for you – a stunning floating wedding or event is possible! If so, we can offer you any kind of event, at any time you want. You do not need to buy the pontoons, but you can rent them.

Why Rent Floating Platforms from BulDock?

The floating modular pontoons delivered by BulDock are secured, environmentally-friendly and strong. Safety is an absolute priority for us. That’s why our systems are regularly tested. Our floating platforms are designed to be simple and can make every occasion unique and unforgettable. We from BulDock are able to build any floating platform in any location and you will be able to buy it or rent it for the duration of your event! Our team is responsible for the design, engineering and installation of the worlds largest floating platform and we would love to help you bring your vision to life!

How We Work

Some of Our Projects

Floating Platform Rental Prices

Basic Products BulDock

Rental prices are per square meter (m2 ), in euros (€), per day

Helix eco anchors

Helix Eco Anchors

Rental prices are per unit, in euros (€), per day

Handrail for dock BulDock


Rental prices are per unit, in euros (€), per day

Gangway for boat dock


Rental prices are per unit, in euros (€), per day. Gangway length: 3.00 m

Rental Conditions

Cubes rental prices are per square meter (m), in euros (€), per day.

Anchoring products rental prices are per unit, in euros (€), per day.

Handrails rental prices are per linear meter, in euros (€), per day.

Gangways rental prices are per unit, in euros (€), per day.

The minimum rental period for BulDock products is 7 days.

Rental prices include all needed products for connections and assembling:
– Connecting Pin TFP BulDock
– Lug Connectors BulDock
– Sliding Nuts BulDock
– Nuts BulDock
– Spacers BulDock

Rental prices are considered and calculated as of the date of the products dispatching of from the BulDock warehouse until the date of the return of the products back to the BulDock`s warehouse.

Rental prices exclude products transportation costs, installation and anchoring costs, which are specific depending on the each single event project and location

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Why Rent Floating Platforms?

Renting BulDock floating platforms for special events offers a multitude of advantages that can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary and memorable occasion. These innovative platforms provide a unique setting that naturally elevates the ambiance of any event, from corporate functions and glamorous weddings to public exhibitions and private celebrations.

One of the primary benefits of choosing BulDock floating platforms is their versatility. These structures can be configured in various shapes and sizes, adapting seamlessly to the specific requirements of any event. Whether you need a grand stage for a high-profile music festival or a subtle and elegant platform for a lakeside wedding, BulDock’s solutions are designed to meet diverse needs. This flexibility ensures that event planners can utilize water bodies near their venues, turning underused lakes, rivers, or bays into focal points that enhance the overall event experience.

BulDock floating platforms offer a blend of functionality, beauty, and practicality, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to host an event that is not only successful but also unforgettable. Whether it’s enhancing the visual appeal, ensuring safety, or promoting environmental sustainability, these platforms are equipped to address all these needs effectively, making them a premier choice in the event industry.