Floating platforms

BulDock can make everything float. Our team has constructed and anchored different floating platforms equally suitable for private and public use.

You can organize a wedding reception, a bachelorette party, a private show, an anniversary surprise and many others on a floating platform. This is something that will remain in your guests` memory as an exceptional moment.

Floating platforms

Buldock’s purpose is to create the perfect floating platform for your needs.

Our customers are aware of the high quality of our products.  They trust BulDock’s capabilities and our competence. This is why we are constantly challenged to satisfy their high expectations.

BulDock is the perfect partner if you want to organize a special floating event. The floating platforms that we assemble have a wide range of application.

As a confirmation of this is the accomplishment of the two art projects of the world known artist Christo. Floating Piers and London Mastaba are both constructed and anchored by the BulDock team. It is a privilege and responsibility to work with the renowned artist from Bulgaria.

These art installations demonstrated that there aren’t any limitations for our floating platforms.

Buldock platforms

Every water structure can be turned into reality. Floating house platforms, big floating event or work platforms, floating lake stages, floating bathing platforms are just some ideas that are totally achievable for our team.

Floating platforms may be in help for any industry or business. Offshore platforms are currently used in the oil and gas industry worldwide. They are capable of transporting high load capacity.

BulDock modular systems can be used in a various industrial projects on water. Such as construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, harbors, canals and etc.

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