As a company, whose work is directly related to water, we are highly responsible for environmental protection, including the oceans and the seas.

The Earth’s oceanic waters occupy 81% of the surface of the Southern Hemisphere and as much as 71% of our planet’s surface is water.

Strived to take maximum care of the ecological balance of our planet, we at Buldock offer environmentally safe boat docks and boat lifts.

The Buldock’s modular eco-floating pontoon system as well as the jet slider have many advantages such as light, strong and safe cubes. Created with the care for the environment they are made of new-generation HDPE material – a high density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

The material HDPE is extremely environmentally-friendly and extra resistant to weather conditions, coastal erosion, UV rays, severe weather conditions and various chemicals.

BulDock offers variety systems made from HDPE: basic floating docks, eco-floating pontoon systems, jet sliders, small boat platforms (boat sliders) and different accessories like double layer connectors. All systems are made by cubes. The BulDock cube is the building unit of the systems. It’s made of HDPE. The premium plastic UV inhibitors are used in the production, which ensures durability of the product.

The production process of all еnvironmentally friendly floating dock systems made from HDPE is consulted with eco and nature conservationists and is specifically designed to be eco-friendly.

BulDock business includes design, manufacturing and installation of high-quality floating modular dock systems. One of the main advantages of our business is that they are environmentally friendly, but not only. Our dock systems are also strong and save and the building block systems are quick and convenient and suitable for any type of shorelines (any shape and size).

You can find more details about the different kinds of the ecological floating pontoon systems and equipment from BulDock here:

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