BulDock’s first Black Sea clean-up campaign a massive success

We are excited to report that our first Black Sea Clean-up Initiative this past weekend was a tremendous success. This campaign, in collaboration with DIVING BG and supported by FinTrade Engineering, aimed to clean the waters around the island of St. John in Bulgaria from plastic waste. More than 40 divers and free divers participated in the event, which featured a specially built and BulDock floating platform. The platform was anchored in close proximity to the island and boasted a garbage container on top (gratuitously supplied by FinTrade Enginneering) to collect the waste that volunteers brought out of the water. DIVING BG center provided everyone with tanks, masks and other diving equipment, including a couple of RIB boats for transportation. National television station BTV broadcasted both live and recorded reportages in their news editions. Even though this was our first campaign of its’ kind, we are looking forward to making it an annual tradition and we are certain that such initiatives will not only promote BulDock аs a company manufacturing high-quality floating products, but also position the brand as a global industry leader in marine and environmental sustainability.

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