On June 20-21 we will be cleaning the Black Sea! If you’re a scuba diver or a free diver, or if you simply love the sea, come join us. This campaign is initiated by BulDock and targets the area around the island of St. John in Sozopol.

Just as many other water bodies globally, The Black Sea is extremely polluted with micro plastics and other debris.

As we spend a big chunk of our summer time on the Black Sea coast, we regularly witness numerous acts of defilement – both in the water and on the shore. It’s a pity when people are forced to swim or co-habitate with plastics and garbage.

The team of diving center “DIVING BG” will provide tanks, weights and its’ facility as a part of this campaign. Come join us to kick-off the diving season, united by the noble goal of cleaning our beloved Black Sea.

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