World recognition for the team of BulDock


BulDock’s team was globally recognized!


“The New York Times” named Christo’s installation “The Floating Piers” at Lake Iseo among the most influential art pieces of 2016. The floating structure, which created vibrant walkways between the small down of Sulzanno and the islands of Monte Isola and San Paolo, was entirely engineered and executed by BulDock’s team. The 3.2 km-long, 16 m-wide floating structure was opened to the public for 16 days and was then dismantled and recycled.


“I walked the piers a lot myself, but in the evening when there were fewer people around. I’d go out with my friends around midnight and walk the full length. It was lovely under the lights. It wasn’t like being on a boat; it wasn’t like being on the shore, with the water on one side and the land on the other. You were literally walking on water.” – Christo shared with “The New York Times”.

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