Anchoring Accessories


BulDock offer all the necessary accessories to anchor your floating modular dock system to any type of shoreline

 Pile Guiding Cube

Anchoring Accessories

These cubes are used to fix the pontoon via piles. This particular type of anchorage is very resistant and allows your installation to follow water level variations. This is the ideal anchorage for tidal areas.

Material / Composition:




Floating Capacity:

High-density polyethylene (HDPE)


50x50x40 cm (Length/Width/Height)

8 kg

90 kg per cube or 360 kg per sq.m.

Material / Composition:  High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Surface:  Anti-Slip

Dimension:  50x50x40 cm (Length/Width/Height)

Weight:  8 kg

Floating Capacity:  90 per cube or 360 kg per sq.m.

Standard Colors:

Standard Colors:   

Optional colors: any color as per customer’s wish

Lug Connector

The lug connector is used to fix the back tabs of the cubes at the end of a jet slider. Same as all our products, our lug connectors are made of an injection process which assures the same strength and safety.

Concrete Anchor

This concrete anchor is easy to handle and can be combined to increase the strength of the overall anchor.

Helix ECO-Anchor

These anchors have far greater holding power than conventional mooring anchors like 4 to 5 time the holding power compared to all the alternatives. It has higher holding power, shorter scoping, allow for suspended ground tackle, longer lifespan, virtually no bottom disturbance, verifiable load capacity in all soil conditions, reusable, environmentally friendly, eliminates concrete anchor. These anchors are made of high-grade steel, with drop-forged connections and hot-dipped galvanizing

Anchoring Ring

This stainless steel anchorage ring allows you to attach a chain from the concrete anchor to the dock. To be installed through an exterior lug connector. The ideal product for salted water plus it gives you the possibility to easily adjust the tension of the chains.

Connecting Pin for Anchorage

The connecting pin for anchoring is designed to avoid any visible chains when you anchor your dock: the connecting pin for anchoring is attached just under the dock.