If you have a special event where you’d like to offer once in a lifetime experience to your guests or an event management business and want to get the absolute edge over your competitors – BulDock can help you get these special events on a whole different level!

BulDock, the engineering company behind The Floating Piers by Christo in lake Iseo, Italy, in 2016, can build any floating platform in any location and you can buy it or rent it for the period of your event!

Special Events If you dreamed it, we’ll build it. Our engineers will work with your event planners to estimate the requirements of the stage that will be required. They will be there to assemble and put it back together if needed.

  • Open air concerts
  • Music or art festivals
  • Exclusive weddings
  • Unique fashion shows
  • Presentations of cars, trucks or products of any size
  • Yachting or boating related events

These will be the events that the medias will cover and talk about long after they are finished. Your name will be there as the organizer of that exclusive offshore event, which nobody has done before and let all guests enjoy views, which can’t be recreated by any event hall or panorama location out there.

Special Events The engineering background behind our pontoon platforms is first class. The cubes, which comprise the platforms, are made of eco friendly high density polyethylene (HDPE), and have very high levels of impact, chemical, UV rays and severe weather resistance as well as super low maintenance. The constructions were trusted to withstand 100,000 pedestrians a day in 2016 in one of the most media covered art events of the year and carried nearly 50 tons of equipment in a specialized project. Everything was done without a single incident. We are absolutely certain that any event can be covered with the required safety standards.

Rental rates are EUR 1 per cube per day (4 cubes = 1 sqm) for a minimum of 7 days. This does not include installation and take away costs, which are case specific depending on size and geography. Please, contact us for a discussion of your upcoming event.

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