Assemble your own pontoon here with 3D feature!

(Desktop version only)

If you plan to organize the waterside property with modular floating pontoons for boats, jets or yachts, plan to organize some water floating event, need a secure and strong floating platform around or if you just need to update the area around the marina of the house, hotel or town – the BulDock’s 3D Configurator is here to assist you!

It’s a user-friendly online tool by which you create independently and quick your own modular floating system based on drag option. The 3D feature is the new one that allows you to see what the constructed system will really look like. The 3D option gives absolutely accurate reality.

When you use the BulDock’s 3D Configurator, you have to follow the steps:

Select the 3D Configurator from the drop menu in the navigation bar.

BulDock Each time you can use the options on the bottom of the Configurator:

BulDock CUBES – First choose the cubes, their size and preferred color.



BulDock ASSEMBLING – The next step is to select the Connecting еlements. If skip them, the 3D Configurator will require to select them on the next step (Manually or Connect automatically).



BulDock FENDERS & FURNITURE – Select the Fenders (single or double) and Furniture. These both are optional.

BulDock BOATS – Choose jet, boat or yacht for better and most realistic view and calculation of the area. This step is optional.

BulDock Use the 3D option to see how it really looks like:


Choose “NEXT” on the bottom right for the next step. It’s the calculation with quantities of every part and budget.

Driven by the desire to provide comfortable and user-friendly service, we created the new option 3D view in our Configurator. Check it here: https://buldock.com/dock-configurator/3d-configurator/

If you have questions, comments, a special request for offer, don’t hesitate to write or call us!

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