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World recognition for the team of Deep Dive Systems

The team of DEEP DIVE SYSTEMS was globally recognized!

The renowned newspaper New York Times included “The floating piers” art project of Christo, which was accomplished by the Deep Dive Systems team, participated in the Top 3 most discussed works of art for 2016 ‘The Floating Piers’ in Northern Italy, a vibrant walkway created by the installation artist Christo was declared among the top 3 most discussed works of art for 2016 by the New York Times in December 2016.

The lake-spanning installation by Christo traversed villages along the shoreline and connected two small islands on Lake Iseo with the mainland, allowing more than a million visitors to experience the landscape from vantage points never seen before. The 53-foot- wide walkway was open to the public for 16 days in June and July, after which it was dismantled and its parts recycled or resold.


“I walked the piers a lot myself, but in the evening when there were fewer people around. I’d go out with my friends around midnight and walk the full length. It was lovely under the lights. It wasn’t like being on a boat; it wasn’t like being on the shore, with the water on one side and the land on the other. You were literally walking on water.” – Christo shared with the New York Times.

06-11-2017 admin