Want to sell BulDock products?

For all of you who need a floating system for the first time, regardless of where and how you want to use it, here are the stages that have to be followed. All stages are described in our dock configurator:

Let’s describe the specifications – what will be the shape that fits the best for your project? You are able to choose between I shape, U shape, T shape, L shape or Square shape. If you need any specific shape, don’t worry, describe us how will it be used and our experts will project it.

The Dock dimensions – we have to precise all dimensions in meters. It’s very important for the future estimation of the scope of the project. The choice of the dock color is one of the artistic stages.

Of course, it will be useful to describe the project. In our website there are available options: residential dock, residential boat dock, commercial dock, industrial dock, marina, aquacultura, rowing dock, special event dock, swim raft or any other. It’s important to know what is seabed type: river, lake, river with weak current, river with medium current, river with strong current, ocean or other. It’s important to fill what is the water’s depth: at the begging of the dock and at the end of it. Again in meters.

One of the last details is to specify the nature of the sea/lake/river bed and the shore type: beach, cliff, sea wall, steep slope or other.

Next step is to configure the needed cubes. Our cubes are manufactured by HDPE is 100 % pure High-density polyethylene with UV protection. Except for the cubes, we will calculate the needed connecting pins and half pins with nut. And finally, please fill in the contact details and some specifics about the project you want to achieve.

Our portfolio includes floating pontoons and docks, jet sliders, boat sliders, floating platforms, anchoring accessories and other accessories. Our mission is to make your ideas come to true.

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