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Floating Dock Shape – how to choose the right?

At BulDock, we understand that your floating dock needs to cater to your unique requirements and needs. That’s why we’ve designed the BulDock 2D and 3D  Configurators, empowering you to create the desired and perfect for your needs floating dock plan that precisely suits your needs. BulDock modular floating dock systems allow you to easily transform your dock into various shapes without the need for special applications or skills.

Popular Floating Dock Shapes and Their Applications:

You have the freedom to switch easily from one shape to another effortlessly. Whether you want to convert your “T”-shaped dock into a “U”-shaped dock or explore other configurations, the process is simple and user-friendly.
Take a look on to the most  popular floating dock shapes and their applications:

I-Shaped, Straight Floating Boat Docks:

Ideal for water-based recreational activities, this dock plan offers simplicity and spaciousness. Whether you’re sunbathing, fishing, or enjoying water play with family and friends, there’s plenty of space for everyone. Additionally, the straightforward design provides multiple mooring spaces for various watercraft.

L-Shaped Floating Docks:

Perfect for boat owners with a  watercrafts, the L-shaped dock design creates three areas for boats to tie on to. For instance, you can secure a PWC, a pontoon boat or Jet Skis, and a larger motorboat in the designated spaces, each tailored to the applicable length.

T-Shaped Floating Docks:

When you prefer two locations for mooring, that are protected, the T-shaped dock is an excellent choice. Its configuration shields boats and personal watercraft from potential accidents by excluding an open side. Additionally, the upper area for boarding and getting off of the  passengers enhances comfort and convenience.

U-Shaped Floating Docks:

Designed for boat owners seeking maximum safety for their vessel, the U-shaped dock offers unparalleled protection. The “U” shape provides your boat with a protective barrier on both sides, safeguarding it from other boats. Meanwhile, the outer sides of the dock can serve as mooring locations for your various other watercraft.