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Have you ever thought that walking is that move we do without even thinking about? It’s like a part of us. But have you ever thought that the Mother Earth is the only platform we have. It’s always there, it’s always strong, fixed, secured. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to feel this way while walking on the floating alleys, street extensions or other kind of attractive walking platforms installed on water surfaces by our team. Yes, it’s true, but why?

The Buldock’s floating platforms are secured, easy to assemble, reliable, and last but not least – they are environmentally friendly. All of them are manufactured by 100 % pure HDPE (High-density polyethylene) with UV protection and also have 10-year guarantee. One of their main benefits is their anti-slipping surface.

And if you need to walk on water surfaces, by extending some streets, install floating alleys or other attractive floating extensions for events, gym, yoga, meditation deep in the water surface or if you just need to add more attractions in your tourist sea village – the floating platforms and pasarels will bring you all this in one. The floating reality is absolutely possible. Thanks to the floating beach platforms, the resorts are able to extend the access to the sea and allow you exciting sunbathing on top of the water.

Feel free to assemble your floating pontoon by yourself using the 2D configurator in our website: https://buldock.com/dock-configurator/3d-configurator/. With it you are able to design the floating surface you’re dreaming of or planning for your event. The configurator contains different options: to choose the number of floating cubes, select their color, connecting pins or even to add different boats, jets or yachts.

Our modular docking systems can be assembled in different recreational facilities: platforms, pools, aqua parks, fishing docks or different art installations you’re dreaming about.

More about the BulDock’s floating platforms, read here: https://buldock.com/products/floating-pontoons/

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