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When we are thinking about Art, almost every time we imagine colors, paintings, dances, music, theater, cinema and more and that’s normal. But when we think about the alternative art, our mind is able to permit itself absolutely non-standard pictures. The Art and the Water – both worlds that can collaborate perfect. We are proud to be a part of one of the famous alternative art projects built over the water. Yes, we absolutely can confirm that the Art over the water surface is more existed, more innovative and more interesting experience for the visitors.

A huge art installation sprawling across Lake Iseo in northern Italy – “The Floating Piers”, is created by the Bulgarian–born artist Christo Yavashev. It was an enormous 3.2 km-long, 16 m-wide floating structure, opened to the public for 16 days. It was one of the biggest world art attractions in 2016. The floating structure was engineered and executed completely by BulDock’s team. After the performance, the art installation based on pontoon floating cubes by BulDock was dismantled and recycled. This project absolutely confirms the dreamed feeling by people, to be able to walk on water.

The BulDock floating systems are strong and save. They are manufactured by HDPE is 100 % pure High-density polyethylene with UV protection and are eco-friendly.  The anti-slipper surface is the other important and save advantage. Our floating cubes are resistant not only to UV rays, but to chemicals and weather conditions. Based on this they are sustainable and there is no pollution for the nature.

After the enormous success and glory of the “The floating piers” Christo achieved another masterpiece again based on floating structure. It’s the project “Mastaba” based in Serpetine Lake in London’s Hyde Park, United Kingdom. Again, the preferred partner in this genius project was BulDock’s team. We were responsible for the construction and anchoring of the floating structure. The Mastaba itself is a stack of 7,506 55-gallon barrels, floating in the lake. It measures 20m in height, 30m in width and 40 in length. The art installation is based on the cubes by BulDock. The cubes are quality modular systems made from HDPE – a polymer with numerous properties, including chemical resistance, impact resistance and high strength.

We are proud to be a part of these great and breathtaking art projects. We are thankful for being a part of these world famous installations. Our modular systems were chosen after extensive tests ensuring the exceptional quality of the product and service.

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