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As a market leader we at BulDock believe that the innovation-driven approach has to be the heart of our products. All range of our boats sliders are unique dry-dock systems designed to cater your specific needs.

The boat sliders are small but have the same advantages as the floating dock systems: made of new-generation HDPE material – a high density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, have UV protection and do not feature any moving parts, which might be damaged or might require additional maintenance.

The floating dock system is designed to store your watercraft on top of your dock instead of directly in the water, protecting the hull of your personal small boat.

The cubes of the boat sliders can be assembled to create any shape and any size to suit your custom needs. They are suitable for any type of shorelines such as rivers, seas, lakes, oceans and other water areas. The safety of our docking platforms is a main priority for us, that’s why our products are thoroughly tested following all international standards. Choosing them you can be sure they have an anti-slipping surface and high load capacity to meet your needs for comfortable experience.

The small boat platforms have exceptional design, which prevents any disproportionate strain on the hull by distributing the watercraft’s weight evenly. If you wish a specific unique color, different from the basic ones: grey and beige, don’t hesitate to inform us – we will deliver them in any color you want.

With years of experience, our team has earned an excellent reputation thanks to the quality of our products and our great capacity for innovation. Buldock‘s platforms for boats will make the servicing of your watercraft a much easier, safer and plesurable experience. Dock your boat – choose BulDock’s boat systems.

We offer full range of supporting services – consulting, project planning, logistics, delivery, diving inspections, installation and maintenance.

Let us help you find the right Small slider for your all-in boating adventure. Read more: https://buldock.com/products/boat-sliders/