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dock floats

Floating Docks

BulDock floating systems have a 10-year warranty. They are reliable, safe, easy to assemble and environmentally friendly.

Starting From


Temperature & Pressure Resistant

2 Way Venting Valve

Light Weight

< 15 lbs / block

Flexible System

Wave adaptive

Marine Durable

10 yr. Lifespan Warranty

High-quality Material

100% (HDPE)

High Density Polyethylene

Anti-micro plastic

Oil, Acid, Salt, UV, Impact, Fire Resistant

Common Configurations

6.56 x 19.69 ft

I Shape

U shaped floating dock, BulDock

Starting at


The I shape floating dock is a basic layout, ideal for a walkway or place to store paddle craft.

Cube H40


Safe Working Load

6,820 lbs

6.56 x 26.25 x 26.25 FT

U Shape

U shaped floating dock, BulDock

Starting at


The U shape layout is a versatile dock that accommodates  docking three PWC or Boats.

Cube H40


Safe Working Load

15,868 lbs

6.56 x 19.69 x 26.25 ft

T Shape

T shaped floating dock, BulDock

Starting at


The T shape layout is ideal for docking two PWC or Boats giving you easy access.

Cube H40


Safe Working Load

13,604 lbs

6.56 x 32.81 x 19.69 ft

L Shape

L shaped floating dock, BulDock

Starting at


The L shape layout provides more dock walkway and versatile craft docking options.

Cube H40


Safe Working Load

18,135 lbs

9.84 x 9.84 ft


Square shaped floating dock, BulDock

Starting at


The Square layout provides a stable floating platform for water fun, docking or storage.

Cube H40


Safe Working Load

5,100 lbs

Kit out your BulDock

Check out our large selection of add-ons and accessories to set up your floating dock exactly how you want it.

Dock Storage

Add functionality to your dock system with our large assortment of integrated accessories.


dock lighting

Add safety, visibility and style to your floating dock with our integrated solar powered LED dock lights.

Add Boat or PWC port

boat port, jet ski port, pwc port

Our modular floating dock system lets you seamlessly integrate boat or PWC ports to you dock. 

Assembly System

BulDock floating dock systems are comprised of durable, easy to assemble, modular floats and connecting parts.

Dock Floats

BulDock cube h40 boat dock float


Cube H40


Anti-slip pattern

Dimensions (L/W/H):

9.6 x 19.6 x 15.7 in


15.0 lbs

Floating Capacity:

202.4 lbs/ float or 75.4 lbs/sq.ft.



Ultra-durable connecting parts.

Mooring & Anchoring

Everything you need for any shoreline or seabed.

BulDock in Action

Ready to own your ultimate BulDock floating dock system?

Buldock products are all about enabling people to have the dock setup that works perfectly with the way they use their waterfront. Get in touch with our team or your local distributor to purchase your BulDock dock system.