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Bulgarian pop artists Orlin Pavlov, Lubo Kirov and Vladimir Ampov – Grafa introduced this week a new video to their emblematic song “Together”. The video captures the trio’s live performance during the first Bulgarian floating concert, held at the Rowing Base in Plovdiv in the summer of 2019. The event, headlined by Orlin Pavlov, was set on a platform in the water. The construction was engineered and built by BulDock – European leader in floating modular solutions. More than 12,000 people attended the concert, which also showed sentimental scenes from the movie “Return”, while the last scene of the movie was actually being filmed simultaneously during the concert itself.

The artists’ goal with releasing this video is to inspire courage and strength during the hard days of being physically isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new motto “Yes We Can #Together” is an encouragement to seek solace in music, community, understanding, empathy and personal responsibility.

Orlin Pavlov shares: “At this difficult moment in time, when we are faced with an incredible trial, music can bring us together and transport us to places we love and long for. It is like a time machine that directly connects the soul to its’ subtle workings. Music brings us together, in a shared matrix of different genres and sounds, but united in the same intentions, more resolute and seeking freedom, despite global lockdowns. Music will live no matter what. And it will always be our savior. But we have to be together today, so that we can create a tomorrow. It’s easy to do something little for another. Yes We Can #Together.”

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