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Marine Stewardship

For BulDock, the environment has always been a priority number 1.

Designed with the planet in mind.

At BulDock, our connection to the water defines us. BulDock's operations are intrinsically linked to water, and we feel great responsibility to protect our marine environments. Our commitment goes beyond business - it's about fostering a sustainable relationship with the oceans that sustain us.

eco-friendly boat dock

100% Recyclable Product

All BulDock products and connecting systems are easy to recycle.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. Compliant with the highest level of international regulation. Low-waste production.

Marine Durable

100% (HDPE) High Density Polyethylene Impact, UV, Acid, Oil, Marine Growth Resistant, Certified fire resistant.

Environmentally Friendly

Anti-micro plastic material. No VOC off-gassing. No ocean debris.

Sustainability by Design

Our product line of modular floating dock systems and our Boat Slider and Jet Slider systems, showcases our dedication to putting products in the water with minimal impact to the environment. Constructed from next-generation, 100% recyclable HDPE, our systems don’t break down, leaving debris like microplastics, wood or metal in the water that can harm marine life and pollute their environment.

Crafted with Purpose in the USA

Our approach is holistic – from design to deployment, we engage with marine experts to ensure our docks have minimal impact on the environment. Proudly made in the USA, every BulDock product is engineered for sustainable manufacturing, with processes designed to minimize production waste to nearly zero.  Low-maintenance and resistant to the elements, our docks promise durability that won’t disrupt delicate marine habitats.