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Manufacture, delivery and installation of modular pontoon systems

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Modular pontoon systems

BulDock, a brand by Deep Dive Systems, offers a broad range of services associated with the production, delivery and installation of modular pontoon systems. The increasing number of their application testifies for their rising popularity.

Our company is also a producer of high quality modular systems made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) – a polymer with numerous properties, including chemical resistance, impact resistance and high strength.

The modular HDPE pontoon systems help to avoid the problems encountered with metal, concrete or wooden structures. They are safer because they lack sharp edges and do not have very hard and slippery surface. The pontoon systems are environment-friendly and reliable, with easy maintenance.

BulDock assumes responsibility for the development of modular pontoon systems coordinated with each particular client. The company’s activities include transportation of the elements and assembly on the site using the company’s own equipment and technology.