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BulDock's Expertise Demonstrated in The Floating Piers by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude

BulDock has established itself as a leader in modular floating docks and marine construction solutions by engineering, manufacturing and installing the largest floating structure ever built. Christo and Jeanne-Claude acclaimed "The Floating Piers" art installation not only showcased our ability to manage and execute complex marine installations but also highlighted our commitment to innovative engineering innovative solutions that meet both environmental and functional demands in the marine context. Throughout the project, BulDock proved its capabilities in handling challenging environments and large-scale constructions, setting a record in the marine industry.

Pioneering Marine Solutions with The Floating Piers

Project Overview and Objectives

In 2016, BulDock was commissioned to realize artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s vision for “The Floating Piers” on Italy’s Lake Iseo. This ambitious project involved the installation of an over three-kilometer-long walkway that enabled visitors to walk across the water, connecting the islands of Monte Isola and San Paolo to the mainland. The project was not only a marvel of artistic expression but also a testament to BulDock’s engineering capabilities. Our involvement proved our ability to execute large-scale, complex marine projects.

BulDock’s Role and Achievements

Our team provided key engineering insights and manufactured the essential components used to construct the floating dock system, ensuring both their functionality and safety during the 16-day public exhibition. BulDock was responsible for the engineering, production, and construction of the modular docks that supported the artwork. We effectively managed the logistical challenges of transporting and assembling thousands of polyethylene cubes in a delicate natural environment. Our commitment to excellence ensured that the installation was both rapidly installed and disassembled and of course – structurally sound.


Overcoming Marine Engineering Challenges

Design and Implementation Challenges

BulDock faced and overcame numerous challenges during “The Floating Piers” project. Our engineers designed innovative anchoring systems to withstand the fluctuating water levels of Lake Iseo. The anchoring system held the platform in place within 10 cm accuracy with the placement of 200 five-ton anchors. Our dive team relied on years of commercial deep dive experience with work taking place at depths of reaching 92 meters often on challenging seabed.  Additionally, the platforms needed to support an enormous amount of foot traffic, with over one million visitors throughout the exhibition period. The engineering solutions developed for this project have since become benchmarks for similar projects worldwide. These experiences have enhanced our portfolio and reinforced our reputation as leaders in marine engineering solutions.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The docks were composed of 220,000 high-density polyethylene cubes, emphasizing our commitment to quality and durability. These figures highlight BulDock’s capabilities in delivering high-performance marine construction platforms and adjustable floating docks that can withstand significant environmental and mechanical stresses. The success of these installations under such intense public interaction showcases our products’ reliability and our team’s expertise in rapid project execution under challenging conditions.


Why BulDock Is Ideal for Marine Industrial Projects

Application in Commercial Ports and Marinas

The expertise demonstrated in “The Floating Piers” project proves that BulDock is well-equipped for similar marine industrial projects, including port operations and environmental monitoring stations. Our capabilities in creating temporary or permanent modular floating docks can significantly enhance logistical operations, cargo handling, and accessibility in marine environments. The adaptability of our systems allows for quick configuration changes to meet the dynamic needs of commercial ports and marinas, making BulDock a versatile partner in the marine industry.

Services for Environmental and Research Facilities

We offer environmental monitoring floating platforms and maritime research docks that provide stable and adaptable bases for various scientific and environmental activities. These platforms are specifically designed to support sophisticated equipment and personnel in conducting marine research and environmental monitoring. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the environmentally friendly materials and practices we employ, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem while facilitating critical scientific work.


Comprehensive Services for the Marine Industry

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

BulDock can improve port efficiency with modular docks designed for versatile use, including cargo operations and passenger handling. Our environmental monitoring platforms offer stable bases for monitoring equipment, crucial for maintaining environmental compliance in sensitive aquatic ecosystems. Each solution is customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring that every project benefits from our targeted expertise and innovative approach.

Innovation in Marine Logistics and Infrastructure

We provide platforms for testing new marine technologies, ensuring that innovations can be trialed in realistic conditions without permanent infrastructural commitments. BulDock also designs systems specifically for small craft handling, enhancing functionality and safety for boating enthusiasts and professionals. Our ability to innovate and adapt to the latest technological advancements sets us apart in the marine industry, providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that are both effective and sustainable.


BulDock’s proven track record in managing large-scale projects like “The Floating Piers’ ‘positions us as a reliable partner for any marine industry project. With our expertise in modular floating docks and comprehensive marine solutions, we are ready to help your business achieve its operational objectives efficiently and sustainably.


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This blog post fully leverages BulDock’s contributions to “The Floating Piers” as a strong case study to demonstrate the company’s capability and versatility in the marine industry.