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BulDock Leads Innovative Marina Construction in Pomorie

Discover how BulDock has set new standards in marina development in Pomorie, Bulgaria. This post explores the advanced techniques and strategic planning involved in the successful renovation and modernization of Pomorie Marina, transforming it into one of the Black Sea's most modern and beautiful ports.

Comprehensive Marina Development Services by BulDock

Expertise in Marina Design and Build

BulDock’s recent project, the Pomorie Marina, located on an expansive area of 41,309 square meters, showcases their capability in handling large-scale marina constructions. With 120 berths suitable for various ships and boats, the marina is not only a haven for local fishermen but also a vibrant attraction for the city’s visitors.

Implementing Advanced Marina Construction Techniques

The project was executed under the “Reconstruction and Modernization of Fisherman’s Port – Town of Pomorie – Stage II,” adhering strictly to approved designs and building permits. BulDock utilized 796 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) cubes known for their exceptional resistance to impacts, chemicals, UV rays, and adverse weather conditions, ensuring durability and safety.


Enhancing Marina Facilities with High-Quality Infrastructure

Custom Marina Fabrication for Enhanced Stability

To further enhance safety, BulDock engineered a custom metal frame to increase the stability and maximum load capacity of the floating structures. This innovative approach allowed the marina to safely support not just the maritime traffic but also the additional weight of on-site facilities like a large hall for sea vessel repairs and a gas station for the convenience of the marina users.

Professional Marina Installers at Work

The meticulous installation process was overseen by BulDock’s team of professional divers who strategically placed 20 concrete anchors to stabilize the entire structure. This level of expertise in floating dock construction underscores BulDock’s commitment to providing secure and reliable marina solutions.

Success and Recognition of Pomorie Marina Project

Celebrating the Completion and Success of the Marina

The completion of the Pomorie Marina was met with accolades and positive feedback from both the live audience and national media. The project not only enhanced the local infrastructure but also became a highlight in national news, with reports showcasing the marina’s modern facilities and its role in boosting local tourism and economy.

BulDock’s Commitment to Community and Innovation

Mayor Ivan Alexiev applauded the project, remarking on the significance of the marina as a modern gift to the fishermen and the people of Pomorie. The success of the project during significant local celebrations added to the community’s pride and the marina’s appeal.

BulDock’s Pomorie Marina project stands as a testament to their expertise in marina construction and their ability to deliver state-of-the-art facilities that exceed expectations. Whether you are planning to build new marina space or replace old marinas, BulDock offers tailored solutions that ensure safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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