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2024 Tallinn Fashion Week floating runway by BulDock

Transform your next event with BulDock's versatile floating platforms. Enjoyed by thousands at the 2024 Tallinn Fashion Week, our floating runway at Kalev Spa showed how water can be turned into a spectacular event space.

A Triumph at Tallinn Fashion Week:

This year, BulDock set the stage at Tallinn Fashion Week by installing a breathtaking floating runway. Our platforms not only enhanced the event’s excitement but also demonstrated our ability to rapidly execute clients concepts. The floating fashion runway blended creativity with technical precision to deliver high-impact event setting.


Why Opt for BulDock’s Floating Platforms?

Fashion Shows:

Imagine models walking on a runway surrounded by the reflective beauty of water, as seen at Tallinn Fashion Week.


Concerts and Cultural Events:

Host memorable performances on a floating stage, offering audiences a unique entertainment experience.


Exhibitions and Corporate Functions:

Distinguish your corporate events by hosting them on our modular floating docks, guaranteed to impress every attendee.


Safety and Innovation at the Core:

At BulDock, we prioritize safety alongside creativity. Our platforms are engineered to ensure stability and safety, accommodating large crowds with ease. Experience the peace of mind that comes from dependable, secure installations.


Customizable and Flexible Designs:

Tailor your BulDock floating platform to fit the specific requirements of your event. Whether adjusting dimensions, shapes, or features, our team is ready to create your vision with custom solutions that push the boundaries of conventional event spaces.

Choose BulDock to bring the unique experience of floating on water to your next event. If you were inspired by our installation at Tallinn Fashion Week, let us  transform your venue into an unforgettable experience. Connect with us for a consultation d begin crafting your unique event space.


Visit BulDock’s website or reach out directly to our project team to discuss your next event’s needs and see how our floating platforms can elevate the experience.