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Boat Docks & Jet Ski Docks

Safe, easy to assemble and eco-friendly modular floating platforms that can respond to all applications on water. With its modular design and ease of use, BulDock offers installation possibilities ranging from personal use to commercial applications, depending on the needs and the environmental conditions.

Since the very beginning BulDock stands by its  vision to deliver the best quality modular systems in the world market. We strongly believe that the foundation of success lies in а product of impeccable quality. As a world leader on the market, in the core of our production and innovation-driven approach are two main products we offer – Boat and Jet ski docks

The whole range of boat dry docks and jet dry docks is a unique dry-dock system designed to cater your specific needs on the water. Our products are efficient, safe and durable. Whether you need to upgrade your existing boat or jet ski platform or you’re looking for best quality first dock for your new boat or jetski, Buldock has established itself as a preferred product in the industry .

Our boat docks and jet ski docks are made of new-generation HDPE material – a high density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and completely corresponds to our eco-friendly principle. They are covered by an UV protection and do not feature any moving parts, which might be damaged or might require additional maintenance.

The boat and jet platforms are suitable for any water basins such as rivers, sea, lakes, dams, channels, marinas, sea resorts and different waterfronts. The heart of our dock is the floating cube! The cubes can be assembled in order to create any shape and size of a dock you need. The anti-slip surface is of an extreme importance and key- benefit of the cubes. Their exceptional design prevents any disproportionate strain on the hull by distributing the watercraft’s weight equally.

Buldock’s signature products could be  manufactured in different colors: grey and beige are our main colors but others are available upon request.

Once assembled and installed our floating dock does not require a lot of maintenance afterwards. Our drive-on floating boat or jet ski docks are simply the best solution for any docking situation.

The BulDock boat and jet platforms are manufactured by cutting-edge technologies. They are efficient and secured, have 10-year guarantee and meet all world standards.

Among the biggest advantage of our productions is that it could be adapted to very complex pond shapes and has the most cost-effective transport solution due to its modular principe.

Buldock is a reliable business partner in different floating projects around the world. Our portfolio includes different types of HDPE floating systems: Jet Sliders in different sizes, Twin Jet Sliders, Small Boats Platforms, Anchoring Accessories. The applications of the modular docking systems are very diverse such as recreation facilities, fishing platforms, floating pools, aqua parks, floating platforms for different art events, art installations, marinas’ floating pontoons with virtually limitless configuration options, bridges and pathways and last but not least –  different industrial projects.

The different types of dry boat docks are:

  • Boat slider V-Slide
  • Boat Slider U-Slide

The jet ski sliders we offer include:

  • Jet Slider 350
  • Jet Slider 400
  • Jet Slider 450 Twin

Discover all boat and jet slider models in our product catalogue.

We are manufacturer and supplier of boat and jet ski docks for any size. We offer full range of supporting services – consulting, project planning, logistics, delivery, diving inspections, installation and maintenance.

Let’s help you find the right boat slider or jet slider for your all-in boating adventure.