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The time passed on the favorite beachfront. The important moments on the river bank. The endless hours on the lake shore.

There are all those places, where we have to get to safely. Often, together with our equipment. Or store that equipment carefully.
There are places, where nature allows easy access and there are places, where getting to is hard or impossible. Sometimes the equipment is a small jet. Sometimes it consists of several containers with generators, weighting tens of tones combined.
Whatever your task is or whatever you have in mind, BulDock strives to make your ideas come to life. We can build a floating dock or a floating pontoon of any size or shape and install it on any location.
The modular systems are highly scalable and extremely reliable. They have been used for solutions varying in size and shape from small private waterfront docks to massive projects carrying millions of people. Consisting of independent cubes from high density polyethylene (HDPE), which are exceptionally resistant to impacts, chemicals, UV rays and weather conditions, these systems do not have a single point of failure, which makes them extremely reliable.
Additionally, they can be installed anywhere and do not depend on geography or have specific high or low tide requirements.
Floating DockOur engineers have developed the universal solution for all these needs and places. The team will be there for you to install it and take it away when not needed. It brought the vision of the world famous artist Christo to life in mega structures, such as the Floating Piers in lake Iseo in Italy and The Mastaba in Hyde Park in London and the exploitation of them ran without a single problem.
This is a testament for the quality of our work – the expertise behind the planning and engineering of the projects, as well as the reliability of the materials.
The simple idea of a floating dock developed further. Let us make your ideas come to life.