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As a high innovative company, we from BulDock exist specially to bring all your floating concepts to life. It’s a mission for us to make it possible for you to walk on water.

But do you know what is the etymology of the word “pontoon”? The origin of this word dates years ago in the late 1870s, even earlier. The spelling of this word is known as “ponton” with one “o” in English. But the original word comes from the old french word “ponton”, from Latin – “ponto” (ferryboat) and from “pons” (bridge). Well, as it looks, the floating pontoons are famous during the World War II, when temporary floating bridges were used extensively in the European countries. The pontoon bridges have been in use since ancient times like a great advantage especially in the famous historical battles. A pontoon bridge is a collection of connected floats connected together across the river or the water canal. At the beginning the floating pontoons were made of metal or wood. Of course, these materials have their weaknesses – suitability and quality for long usage. One of the main negatives is the water pollution effect.

Today the development and innovation of the pontoon systems are advanced. The floating systems produced by BulDock are created by cutting-edge technologies. We deliver efficient and secured floating solutions. Our pontoons are environmentally-friendly manufactured by 100 % pure HDPE (High-density polyethylene) with UV protection.

They also have 10-year guarantee with main benefit – an anti-slipping surface. The floating docks delivered by BulDock are platforms over which you can be safe. Their main application is in marinas, sea resorts, rivers or channels. The continuous design improvements are one of our business principles. That’s why we deliver modular docking systems of the highest quality, but at same time we meet all the world standards.
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